The Sacred Landscape of the Inca: The Cusco Ceque System

Author: Brian S. Bauer
Publisher: University of Texas Press
Category: History Of The Americas, Ancient History: To C 500 CE, Archaeology, Physical Anthropology & Ethnography
Book Format: Paperback

The ceque system of Cusco, the ancient capital of the Inca empire, was perhaps the most complex indigenous ritual system in the pre-Columbian Americas. From a center known as the Coricancha (Golden Enclosure) or the Temple of the Sun, a system of 328 huacas (shrines) arranged along 42 ceques (lines) radiated out toward the mountains surrounding the city. This elaborate network, maintained by ayllus (kin groups) that made offerings to the shrines in their area, organized the city both temporally and spiritually.

From 1990 to 1995, Brian Bauer directed a major project to document the ceque system of Cusco. In this book, he synthesizes extensive archaeological survey work with archival research into the Inca social groups of the Cusco region, their land holdings, and the positions of the shrines to offer a comprehensive, empirical description of the ceque system. Moving well beyond previous interpretations, Bauer constructs a convincing model of the system's physical form and its relation to the social, political, and territorial organization of Cusco.

Table Of Contents
List of Illustrations and Tables


1. Introduction
The Shrines and Ceques of Cusco

The Organization of Cusco and the Ceque System

Studies of the Cusco Ceque System

2. The Original Ceque System Manuscript
The Date of the Original Ceque System Manuscript

Sixteenth-Century Writings on the Cusco Ceque System

3. Huacas
The Huacas of the Cusco Ceque System

Identifying Huacas: A Research Method

4. The Social Organization of Cusco and Its Ceque System
Collana, Payan, Cayao

Kings, Ayllus, and Ceques

5. The Huacas and Ceques of Chinchaysuyu

6. The Huacas and Ceques of Antisuyu

7. The Huacas and Ceques of Collasuyu

8. The Huacas and Ceques of Cuntisuyu

9. Albornoz and the Cusco Ceque System
Albornoz and the Huacas of Chinchaysuyu

10. Systems of Huacas and Ceques: Past and Present
Evidence of Other Inca Ceques

Possible Evidence of Pre-Inca Ceques: The Nazca Lines

Modern Ritual Lines in the Andes

11. An Overview of the Cusco Ceque System

Appendix 1: Rowe's (1980) and Zuidema's (1964) Numbering Systems for the Cusco Ceque System

Appendix 2: Account of the shrines of Cuzco (Bernabe Cobo, Historia del Nuevo Mundo, ms. 1653, Book Thirteen, Chapters 13-16). English translation by John H. Rowe

Appendix 3: Suggested Glosses of Huaca Names by Margot Beyersdorff


Glossary of Aymara, English, Spanish, and Quechua Terms


Archival Sources

Printed Sources

General Index

Index of Huaca Names

Index of Ceques
About Brian S. Bauer
Brian S. Bauer is Professor of Anthropology at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the author or coauthor of four previous books on the Inca.


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