Super Natural: Animals

Author: Leon Gray
Publisher: Wayland (Publishers) Ltd
Category: Wildlife, Science, Sciences, Technology
Age Group: 12-17
Book Format: Paperback

Discover the incredible superpowers displayed by creatures in the natural world. Find out how scientists have harnessed or mimicked these superpowers to create amazing developments in technology and medicine. Explore how the creations of animators and filmmakers have been influenced by these superpowers.

Table Of Contents
1: Introduction

2: Adder: Invisibility Cloak

3: Bat-eared Fox: Supersonic Hearing

4: Cassowary: Armed and Dangerous

5: Chameleon: Crazy Colour-Changing Lizard

6: Duck-billed Platypus: Electric Senses

7: Electric Eel: Electric Zapper

8: Gecko: Antigravity Glue-grip Feet

9: Giant Anteater: Super Sense of Smell

10: Hermit Crab: Protective Suit of Armour

11: Hummingbird: Super Speed

12: Newts: Bionic Bodies

13: Octopus: Shape-shifting Escape Artist

14: Pink River Dolphins: Seeing in Sound

15: Pit Vipers: Hest-seeking Guidance Missiles

16: Racoon: Extrasensory Hands

17: Spitting Cobra: Toxic Spray

18: Tarsier: Super Sight

19: Vampire Bat: Seeing in Sound

20: Wood Frog: Cyogenic "Mr Freeze"
About Leon Gray
Leon Gray is the author of many non-fiction books for children.


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