Substances and Universals in Aristotle's "Metaphysics"

Author: Theodore Scaltsas
Publisher: Cornell University Press
Category: Western Philosophy: Ancient, To C 500, Philosophy: Metaphysics & Ontology
Book Format: Paperback

In this book, Theodore Scaltsas brings the insights of contemporary philosophy to bear on a classic problem in metaphysics that stems from Aristotle's theory of substance. Scaltsas provides an analysis of the enigmatic notions of potentiality and actuality, which he uses to explain Aristotle s substantial holism by showing how the concrete and the abstract parts of a substance form a dynamic, diachronic whole.

Table Of Contents
The ThemeI. Matter

1. Physical Continuity in Change

2. Radical Transformation

3. Against Hot, Cold, Wet, and Dry Stuff

4. Quantity of Matter: Soma

5. The Essence of MatterII. Universals

1. The Rejection of the Platonic Forms

2. Existential Arguments for Aristotelian Forms

3. The Universality of the Material SubstratumIII. The Birth of the Subject

1. Plato's Discovery of the Subject

2. The "Nature-Feature" Problem

3. Does Participation Presuppose a Partaker?IV: The Substantial Form

1. A Substance and Its Parts: Plato's Legacy

2. The Aggregate Argument

3. Is the Substantial Form a Relation?

4. The Threshold Argument

5. The Trope-Overlap Argument

6. Structural Universals and Substantial Forms

7. The Aristotelian Solution to Davis Lewis's Paradox

8. Universality Requirements on the Substantial FormV. The Unity of Substance

1. Abstraction and Separateness

2. Types of Abstract Entity

3. The Metaphysics of Abstraction: The Unity of Matter and Form in a Substance

4. An Existential Dilemma about Matter and FormVI. Particulars

1. Nonmaterial Substances

2. Particularity and Subjecthood

3. Essence as Subject: The "Second Man" Argument

4. Particularity of Nonmaterial Substances

5. Particularity of Material Substances: How Similar Can Different Substances Be?

6. Substantial Holism

7. Kit Fine's Paradox on the Identity of Aristotelian SubstancesVII. The Zeta Contradictions

1. The Contradictions

2. The Consistent Zeta Picture

3. Self-Caused Unities

4. Potentiality Entails Homonymy

5. Is the Substantial Form of a Substance Numerically One?Conclusion: Revisiting the Zeta ContradictionsAppendix 1: Live Matter

Appendix 2: Against Bare Substrata

Appendix 3: Against Individual Forms

Appendix 4: The Argument of Metaphysics M, 10Bibliography

Index Locorum

General Index


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