Nature Detective: British Insects

Author: Victoria Munson
Publisher: Wayland (Publishers) Ltd
Category: Wildlife: Butterflies, Other Insects & Spiders, Wildlife
Book Format: Paperback

This easy-to-follow insect-spotting book for children introduces 50 of the most common insects found in Britain today.Full descriptions of the insects, along with their scientific name, size, family and habitat, will help you to recognise which insect is which. The stunning, large colour photographs will help make identification easy. Learn all about the parts of an insect and their amazing life cycle. A fun and simple activity shows you how to make a bug home in which they can hibernate through the winter. Includes information on how to become a nature detective with illustrations, advice and handy tips to find out about protecting nature. Whether in your garden, looking at a pond or visiting your local park or wood, there are a huge variety of fascinating insects and bugs to discover.Perfect for the science National Curriculum, this book includes fascinating information about different insects life cycles, their unique body parts and their habitats. Insects featured in this book include: Angle Shades moth; backswimmer; banded demoiselle damselfly; brimstone butterfly; comma butterfly; carder bee; earwig; grasshopper; crane fly/daddy long-legs; elephant hawkmoth; emperor dragonfly; froghopper; glow-worm; great diving beetle; green shield bug; green tortoise beetle; green-veined butterfly; honey bee; hornet; hoverfly; lacewing; large red damselfly; large white butterfly; marmalade hoverfly; mayfly; meadowbrown butterfly; orange-tip butterfly; painted lady butterfly; peacock butterfly; pond skater; poplar hawk-moth; red admiral butterfly; red ant; red-legged shieldbug; red soldier beetle; red-tailed bumblebee; rhinoceros beetle; seven-spot ladybird; six-spot burnet moth; small tortoisehell butterfly; small white butterfly; speckled wood butterfly; stag beetle; 22-spot ladybird; wasp; white-tailed bumblebee. Become a nature detective and explore the natural world around you. If you enjoy this book, then why not search out the other titles in this series: British Birds; British Mammals; British Trees; British Wild Flowers; Urban Wildlife and British Seashore.

Table Of Contents
1: Be a nature detective

2: What are insects?

3: Identification guide

4: Further information

5: Places to visit

6: Glossary

7: Index
About Victoria Munson
Victoria Munson has been fascinated by wildlife since she was 8 years old, when she helped her parents to rescue a kestrel with a broken wing. She joined the Young Ornithologist's Club (YOC, part of the RSPB) shortly after and spent many a happy weekend visiting Wildfowl and Wetland Centres, hand-feeding Canada Geese and adopting a Wigeon (Wilbur). Since then, she has made a study of butterflies, homed hedgehogs, worms and ladybirds, and is now enjoying a second childhood through introducing her own children to rockpooling, wildlife spotting and making minibeast homes.


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