Essentials of Nursing Informatics, 6th Edition

Author: Kathleen Ann McCormick Virginia K. Saba
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education / Medical
Category: Nursing, Nursing Fundamentals & Skills, Psychiatric Nursing, Nursing Management & Leadership
Book Format: Paperback

Discover how technology can improve patient care -- and enhance every aspect of a nurse's job performance, education, and career Written by leaders in nursing informatics, this comprehensive up-to-date text helps you understand how informatics can enhance every aspect of the nursing profession. This edition of Essentials of Nursing Informatics is highlighted by an outstanding team of international contributors and content that reflects the very latest concepts, technologies, policies, and required skills. Numerous case studies take the book beyond theory and add real-world relevance to the material. Essentials of Nursing Informatics is logically divided into ten sections edited by leading nurse informaticists: Nursing Informatics Technologies (Jacqueline Ann Moss) System Life Cycle (Virginia K. Saba) Informatics Theory Standards/Foundations of Nursing Informatics (Virginia K. Saba) Nursing Informatics Leadership (Kathleen Smith) Advanced Nursing Informatics in Practice (Gail E. Latimer) Nursing Informatics/Complex Applications (Kathleen A. McCormick) Educational Applications (Diane J. Skiba) Research Applications (Virginia K. Saba) Big Data Initiatives (Kathleen A. McCormick) International Perspectives (Susan K. Newbold) Essentials of Nursing Informatics is the best single resource for learning how technology can make the nursing experience as rewarding and successful as possible. New Feature! The 6th Edition introduces an online faculty resource to supplement classroom teaching (available at, offering instructors concise chapter outlines, learning objectives, key words, and explanatory illustrations and tables. Also, for the first time, a companion study guide for the 6th Edition is available separately from McGraw-Hill Education (Essentials of Nursing Informatics Study Guide/ISBN: 978-007-184-5892; edited by Julianne Brixey, Jack Brixey, Virginia K. Saba, and Kathleen A. McCormick), presenting teaching modules for all major chapters, with content outlines, teaching tips, class preparation ideas, review questions, answer explanations, and online PowerPoint slides to aid understanding and retention of all major concepts covered in Essentials of Nursing Informatics, 6th Edition.

Table Of Contents
Contributors ix

Foreword 1 xvii

Foreword 2 xix

Preface xxi

Acknowledgments xxiii

Part 1 - Nursing Informatics

Technologies 1

Jacqueline Ann Moss

1 Historical Perspectives of Nursing

Informatics * 3

Virginia K. Saba and Bonnie L. Westra

2 Computer Hardware * 23

Mary L. McHugh

3 Advanced Hardware and mHealth * 37

Kathleen G. Charters and Patricia B. Wise

4 Computer Software * 45

Mary L. McHugh

5 Open Source and Free Software * 55

David J. Whitten

6 Data and Data Processing * 83

Irene Joos and Ramona Nelson

7 Health Data Standards: Development,

Harmonization, and Interoperability * 101

Joyce Sensmeier

8 Standardized Nursing Terminologies * 115

Nicholas R. Hardiker, Virginia K. Saba and

Tae Youn Kim

9 Human-Computer Interaction * 131

Gregory L. Alexander

10 Trustworthy Systems for Safe

and Private Healthcare * 145

Dixie B. Baker

Part 2 - System Life Cycle 161

Virginia K. Saba

11 System Life Cycle: A Framework * 163

Marina Douglas and Marian Celli

12 System and Functional Testing * 189

Theresa J. Settergren

13 System Life Cycle Tools * 203

Denise D. Tyler

14 Healthcare Project Management * 215

Judy Murphy and Patricia C. Dykes

Part 3 - Informatics Theory

Standards-Foundations of Nursing

Informatics 227

Virginia K. Saba

15 The Practice Specialty of Nursing

Informatics * 229

Kathleen M. Hunter and Carol J. Bickford

16 Nursing Informatics and Healthcare Policy * 249

Judy Murphy and Elizabeth (Liz) O. Johnson

Part 4 - Nursing Informatics

Leadership 273

Kathleen Smith

17 The Role of the Nurse Executive in Information

Technology Decision-Making * 275

Roy L. Simpson

18 Establishing Nursing Informatics in Public

Policy * 281

Dana Alexander and Elizabeth Casey Halley

19 Communication Skills in Health IT, Building

Strong Teams for Successful Health IT

Outcomes * 293

Elizabeth (Liz) O. Johnson

vi Contents

20 Assessing the Vendors * 309

Mark D. Sugrue

21 Nurse Scheduling and Credentialing

Systems * 323

Karlene M. Kerfoot and Kathleen Smith

22 Informatics and the Healthcare Industry * 333

Amy J. Barton

Part 5 - Advanced Nursing Informatics in

Practice 345

Gail E. Latimer

23 Structuring Advanced Practice Knowledge:

An Internet Resource for Education

and Practice * 347

Mary Ann Lavin, Eileen Healy

and Mary Lee Barron

24 Nursing Informatics in Retail Clinics * 363

Frances (Fran) M. Spivak and Sandra Festa Ryan

25 Care Delivery Across the Care Continuum:

Hospital-Community-Home * 371

Charlotte A. Weaver and Laura Heermann


26 Foundation of a Nursing Plan of Care

Standard * 385

Luann Whittenburg and Virginia K. Saba

27 Computerized Provider Order Entry * 401

Emily B. Barey

28 Physiological Monitoring and Device

Interface * 409

R. Renee Johnson-Smith

29 Health Information Technology:

Striving to Improve Patient Safety * 419

Patricia P. Sengstack

30 The Role of Technology in the

Medication-Use Process * 429

Matthew C. Grissinger and Michelle M. Mandrack

31 The Magnet Model * 451

Andrea Mazzoccoli and Susan H. Lundquist

32 Public Health Practice Applications * 457

Judy D. Gibson, Janise Richards, Arunkumar Srinivasan

and Derryl E. Block

33 Informatics Solutions for Emergency Planning

and Response * 471

Elizabeth (Betsy) Weiner and Capt. Lynn A. Slepski

34 Federal Healthcare Sector Nursing

Informatics * 485

Capt. Margaret S. Beaubien, Murielle S. Beene,

Christine Boltz, Lee Ann Harford, LTC Mike Ludwig,

Daniel F. Marsh, Joel L. Parker, COL Katherine

Taylor Pearson and Capt. Stephanie J. Raps

35 Consumer/Patient Engagement and eHealth

Resources * 499

Barbara B. Frink

Part 6 - Nursing Informatics-Complex

Applications 511

Kathleen A. McCormick

36 Healthcare Analytics * 513

Kathleen C. Kimmel

37 Planning, Design, and Implementation of

Information Technology in Complex

Healthcare Systems * 525

Thomas R. Clancy

38 The Quality Spectrum in Informatics * 537

Rosemary Kennedy, Heidi Bossley, Juliet Rubini and

Beth B. Franklin

39 Translation of Evidence into Nursing

Practice * 553

Lynn McQueen, Heather Carter-Templeton and

Kathleen A. McCormick

40 Improving Healthcare Quality and Patient

Outcomes Through the Integration of

Evidence-Based Practice and Informatics * 569

Joanne M. Seasholtz and Bernadette Mazurek Melnyk

41 Incorporating Evidence: Use of

Computer-Based Clinical Decision

Support Systems for Health Professionals * 583

Margaret Ross Kraft and Ida M. Androwich

Contents vii

Part 7 - Educational Applications 591

Diane J. Skiba

42 Nursing Curriculum Reform and

Healthcare Information

Technology * 593

Eun-Shim Nahm and Marisa L. Wilson

43 The TIGER Initiative * 609

Michelle R. Troseth

44 Initiation and Management of Accessible,

Effective Online Learning * 617

Patricia E. Allen, Khadija Bakrim, Darlene Lacy,

Enola Boyd and Myrna L. Armstrong

45 Social Media in the Connected Age:

Impact on Healthcare Education and

Practice * 631

Diane J. Skiba, Sarah Knapfel

and Chanmi Lee

46 A Paradigm Shift in Simulation:

Experiential Learning in

Virtual Worlds * 643

Helen R. Connors and Judith J. Warren

Part 8 - Research Applications 661

Virginia K. Saba

47 Computer Use in Nursing Research * 663

Veronica D. Feeg and Theresa A. Rienzo

48 Information Literacy and Computerized

Information Resources * 687

Diane S. Pravikoff and June Levy

Part 9 - Big Data Initiatives 705

Kathleen A. McCormick

49 Genomics and Information Technology

for Personalized Health * 707

Kathleen A. McCormick and Kathleen A. Calzone

50 Global eHealth and Informatics * 727

Amy Coenen, Claudia C. Bartz and Martha K. Badger

Part 10 - International Perspectives 739

Susan K. Newbold

51 Nursing Informatics in Canada * 741

Lynn M. Nagle, Kathryn J. Hannah and

Margaret Ann Kennedy

52 Nursing Informatics in Europe * 751

Kaija Saranto, Virpi Jylha, Ulla-Mari Kinnunen and

Eija Kivekas

53 Pacific Rim Perspectives * 777

Evelyn J. S. Hovenga, Michelle L. L. Honey and

Lucy A. Westbrooke

54 Nursing Informatics in Asia * 801

Hyeoun-Ae Park

55 Nursing Informatics in South America * 817

Heimar de Fatima Marin

56 Nursing Informatics in South Africa * 827

Irene van Middelkoop and Susan Meyer

Appendix A Overview of Clinical Care

Classification System * 833

Virginia K. Saba and Luann Whittenburg

Index * 855
About Virginia Saba
McGraw-Hill authors represent the leading experts in their fields and are dedicated to improving the lives, careers, and interests of readers worldwide
Kathleen McCormick was the recipient of the 2013 International Award for Nursing Informatics Leadership from Sigma Theta Tau. McGraw-Hill authors represent the leading experts in their fields and are dedicated to improving the lives, careers, and interests of readers worldwide


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