Classifying Animals: Reptiles

Author: Sarah Wilkes
Publisher: Wayland (Publishers) Ltd
Category: Sciences, Biology
Age Group: 12-17
Book Format: Paperback

The Classifying Animals series welcomes readers to the world of classification, in which about 2 million different organisms have been identified and sorted into groups. This appealing and attractive book looks at the class of reptiles, and the orders, families and species within it. Find out about the characteristics that distinguish the reptiles in different groups and compare the differences in their life cycles. Discover the various ways in which reptiles have adapted to life in different climates and habitats on land and in water.

Table Of Contents
1: What are Reptiles?

2: Turtles and Tortoises (Testudinata)

3: Tuataras (Rhynchocephalia)

4: Snakes (Serpentes)

5: Boas and Pythons (Boidae and Pythonidae)

6: Colubrids (Colubridae)

7: Elapids (Elapidae)

8: Vipers (Viperidae)

9: Lizards (Lacertilia)

10: Iguanas and Chameleons (Iguania)

11: Geckos (Gekkota)

12: Skinks (Scincidae)

13: Wall and Sand Lizards (Lacertidae)

14: Monitors (Anguimorpha)

15: Crocodilians (Crocodylia)

16: Under Threat

17: Reptile Classification

18: Glossary

19: Further Information

20: Index
About Sarah Wilkes
Sarah Wilkes is a consultant ecologist who has worked with conservation organisations for many years. She has written a number of books on natural history and environmental topics and has travelled the world in search of wildlife. She is particularly concerned with the conservation of some of the world's most threatened animal species.


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